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We bring highly experienced senior people to assess the current situation, and with your team, build a plan for value realization and strategic goal alignment.

CandidAdvisors is a completely independent and solution agnostic consulting firm that advises and coaches senior business decision makers in the area of business transformation and change, particularly as it relates to back office and support functions, such as HR, Finance, IT, Customer Care and Procurement.

Whether you are just starting the journey of support services transformation or you are well down the path, CandidAdvisors provides a completely independent, solution agnostic approach.

CandidAdvisors has expertise to help you from leveraging all sourcing strategies - from shared services to outsourcing - including a hybrid solution using the best of all sourcing options.

We aid companies at all stages of the process, from the initial decision through to ensuring the right structures are in place to manage all of the support services relationships in the ever-evolving business world.

We have discovered there are three basic inflection points when companies have the opportunity to ensure they have the right operating structures in place for optimizing your support services strategy.

The first, Deciding, is at the outset of your journey; the second, Departing, is when you are in transition of one of your services to a provider (internal or external) and the third, Determining, is two to three years into a new operating model, when fine-tuning of the goals, objectives and structure may be needed.

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CandidAdvisors will bring a performance and organization focus that will help you achieve your goals, address your needs and put in place a long term operating structure.

To further complicate the situation, many companies have multiple sourcing relationships operating at the same time, in various stages of maturity. In these situations we believe it is imperative that the company perform a comprehensive analysis of their support services infrastructure and the interaction between components, the retained organization, and customers.

This will enable you to optimize the integrated performance, synchronize goals and objectives and reduce costs.

Our Solutions:

We understand how to take a holistic and results based approach, from overall business strategy to tactical implementation at the operational level. Whether you are embarking on a new set of arrangements with possibly outside providers, you are currently in transition to a new operating model, or you have established arrangements that are not meeting business performance and related requirements, we can help.

To establish a clear picture of your specific situation and what needs to be done to realize true value from your support services, whether in terms of shared services, outsourcing or a blend of the two, CandidAdvisors offers a six to fourteen week assessment. This assessment will deliver an accurate picture of your current position, separating problems from their symptoms, an action plan for prioritized next steps, showing action step dependencies, combined with business based, pragmatic and independent advice and recommendations.

    Other areas of support we can provide include:

  1. Strategy development with the attendant implementation plan for designing and developing the overall support services approach
  2. Organization transformation and transition planning
  3. EOS design and implementation planning
  4. Plans for the “retained organization” and customer needs as part of the support services delivery model(s)
  5. Evaluation of, with recommendations on, incorporating social media tools and techniques into the operation of support services
  6. Pragmatic and measurable strategies and plans for organizational change management
  7. Mediation, where you and/or your provider(s) suspect operations are not working well or could be significantly improved, before the need for serious and painful contractual issues arise

We will be pleased to work with you to develop an approach that works in your unique situation to help you build an optimal solution and implementation plan for improvement of your support services areas.