Why We Exist

"The rapidly changing world of non-core business transformation is better served by holistic, not piecemeal business thinking. It must include the ongoing engagement of the retained organization and clear oversight and expectations management."

    We formed CandidAdvisors for four main reasons:

  1. We did not see a totally unbiased provider of advice regarding support services solutions ranging from shared services to outsourcing, including what work should remain distributed within a business.
  2. Our studies and experience show that often, solutions are not designed with the long term in mind, taking into account business evolution, and the need to reorient goals as the business develops and performance issues are identified. This includes relationships with vendors and the possibility of managing across a variety of disparate and unconnected solutions.
  3. We find individual solutions are designed and implemented without the ongoing involvement of the retained organization, the internal customers to these solutions.
  4. When external customers are affected, levels of performance fall short of customer expectations, putting customer satisfaction and market share at risk.

CandidAdvisors is unique because we bring only highly experienced, senior people to work with your team to build an action plan to help you achieve value realization with your support functions, and to ensure that they align with the strategic goals of your company.

We can help separate the problems from their symptoms.

We are the bridge between the promise and the result, between vision and value realization.

We are your CandidAdvisors.